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 Michael Lancina III
P 248.204.2664
E mlancina@ltu.edu
O J-339

Michael Lancina III

Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor


PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University 2017
BS, Biomedical Engineering, Michigan Technological University 2013


Project Engineer, Lawrence Technological University, 2017-2019

Literature Publications

  1. Lancina M, Wang J, Yang H., “DenTimol as A Dendrimeric Timolol Analogue for Glaucoma Therapy: Synthesis and Preliminary Efficacy and Safety Assessment.” Molecular Pharmaceutics, (2018).
  2. Wang, J. Williamson, GS, Lancina M, Yang H. "Mildly Cross-Linked Dendrimer Hydrogel Prepared via Aza-Michael Addition Reaction for Topical Brimonidine Delivery." Journal of biomedical nanotechnology, 9 (2017): 1089-1096.
  3. Lancina M, Husain S, Kompella U, Yang H. “Fast Dissolving Dendrimer Nanofiber (DNF) Mats as Alternative to Eye Drops for More Efficient Topical Antiglaucoma Drug Delivery." ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (2017).
  4. Lancina M, Yang H. Dendrimers for ocular drug delivery, Canadian Journal of Chemistry (2017) ja.
  5. He H, Yuan Q, Bie J, Wallace RL, Yannie PJ, Wang J, Lancina M, Zolotarskaya OY, Korzun W, Yang H, Ghosh S. Development of mannose functionalized dendrimeric nanoparticles for specific delivery to macrophages: application of this platform to modulate macrophage function and attenuate atherosclerosis, Translational Research, 193 (2018): 13-30.
  6. Lancina M, Kanakatti R, Yang H., Chitosan Nanofibers for Transbuccal Insulin Delivery, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A (2017), 105.5, 1252-59.
  7. He H, Lancina M, Wang J, Korzun WJ, Yang H, Ghosh S. Bolstering cholesteryl ester hydrolysis in liver: A hepatocyte-targeting gene delivery strategy for potential alleviation of atherosclerosis, Biomaterials (2017), 130, 1-13.
  8. Oki AT, Seidman D, Lancina M, Mishra MK, Kannan RM, Yang H, Carlyon JA, Dendrimer-enabled transformation of Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Microbes and Infection (2015): 817-822.
  9. Brunette M, Holmes H, Lancina M, He W, Lee BP, Frost MC, Rajachar RM., Inducible nitric oxide releasing poly-(ethylene glycol)-fibrinogen adhesive hydrogels for tissue regeneration, MRS Proceedings. Vol. 1569. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  10. VanWagner M, Rhadigan J, Lancina M, Lebovsky A, Romanowicz G, Holmes H, Brunette MA, Snyder KL, Bostwick M, Lee BP, Frost MC., S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP) derivatization of peptide primary amines to create inducible nitric oxide donor biomaterials, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,17 (2013): 8430-8439.


  1. Yang H, Lancina M, Wang J. “Synthesis of DenTimol, an Antiglaucoma Drug” VIRG0022-P Filed April 17th, 2018
  2. Yang H, Ghosh S, He H, Lancina M. “Carbohydrate-functionalized Nanoparticles and Uses Therof” WO2018081517A1 Filed October 27, 2017

Research Interests

Natural Biomaterials
Tissue Engineering and Biomanufacturing
Professional Skepticism

Courses Taught

EGE1102 Introduction to Engineering
BME3002 Biomedical Best Practices
BME 3213 Biomaterials
BME4013 & 4022 BME Projects I & II
BME4801 Tissue Engineering Lab
BME5703 Quantitative Physiology
BME6203 Biocompatibility



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