TitleInvestigate Causes and Develop Methods for Preventing Falling Concrete from Bridge Decks or Falling Deck Concrete
SponsorMichigan Department of Transportation
DurationOctober 2009 - March 2012
PIsNabil Grace and Elin Jensen
TitleSGER: Life Cycle Cost Analysis for the Use of CFRP in Prestressed Highway Bridges
SponsorNational Science Foundation
DurationJanuary 2009 - June 2010
PIsNabil Grace and Elin Jensen
TitleCAREER: Effect of Fire Loads on the Performance of Structural Concrete
Sponsor      National Science Foundation
DurationApril 2008 - March 2013
PIElin Jensen
TitleCenter of Excellence for Sustainable Infrastructure & Structural Testing
SponsorMichigan Department of Transportation
Duration2008 - 2013
Amount$30,000 (annual budget)
DirectorNabil Grace
Co-AuthorsElin Jensen and Laird Johnston
TitleInnovative Corrosion-Free CFRP Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge Systems
SponsorMichigan Department of Transportation
DurationSeptember 2006 - September 2008
PIsNabil Grace and Elin Jensen
TitleAdvanced Material Technology and Design for Innovative Box-Beam Highway Bridges
SponsorMichigan Economic Development Corporation
DurationJanuary 2006 - December 2011
PIsNabil Grace and Elin Jensen
TitleCost-Effectiveness of Concrete Framing Systems for Low-, Mid-,and High-Rise Buildings
SponsorPortland Cement Association 2005 Educational Fellowship
DurationMay 2005 - August 2006
FacultyElin Jensen
GraduateKofi Ayensu