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Campus FacilitiesFAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if there is an emergency after office hours?

Contact Campus Safety at 248.204.3945 and they will contact our emergency manager if necessary.

Who pays for the work our building needs?

If the work request involves a safety issue or a maintenance problem for a building on the LTU campus, the Facilities Department covers the cost of repairs for basic building services, such as heating, air conditioning, gas, water, and electricity. If the job goes beyond basic building services, the department requesting the work covers the expense.

How long do repairs take?

Routine requests may require anywhere from 3-5 days. Service requests are logged and assigned into work orders and taken care of as quickly as possible. Urgent requests and/or emergencies will take priority if it is a safety or health concern.

Who maintains the temperature in my building?

Temperature control is provided by the HVAC technician within our department. Requests for temperature adjustment should utilize the work order system.