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Past LTU Entrepreneurial Competitions


Innovation EncounterLawrence Tech offers a variety of student competitions both on-campus and at other universities. Here you will find a list of competitions and the students that participated in them.


More About Chicago Innovation Chase


Team LTU Innovation Encounter

William Wang, Alex Mozeihem, Leticia Irvin, Shalom Joseph, Coach Salim Momin (not pictured)


Lawrence Technological University hosted 2nd Annual Innovation Encounter supported by the KERN Family Foundation. Innovation Encounter was designed to provide students experience with recognition of societal values, business principles and customer awareness. Student teams from six KEEN schools came out to compete by developing a solution, creating materials to showcase their solution, creating a business case, and preparing an oral presentation.

Make Your Mark

The Office of Leadership programs hosted the Make Your Mark with a Ten Spot competition in the Spring 2010 semester with this challenge: with just $10 of startup cash, develop an original idea about how you can have a lasting impact on your community with very little resources. The reward? One free 3-credit course at LTU!

Student teams stepped up to the challenge to create several programs which made a huge impact on the campus community and beyond! 

Featured Projects

Team Firefly 2

Bianca Singleton, Yousif Yousif, Bryce Gamper, Eliza Morales, and Coach Don Reimer.


The Chicago Innovation Chase is an Annual Inter-Collegiate Student Entrepreneurship Competition, hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology and supported by the KERN Family Foundation.

The Chase brings together student teams from around the United States and puts them through an intense weekend focused on problem-solving, invention and entrepreneurship. Teams are given a problem, and must invent a product or service as a viable solution. They must go through various challenges and tasks to improve their proposed product or service until it is sophisticated enough to present. These tasks include: doing an elevator pitch, mapping their vision, creating a design, conducting market research, prototyping, pricing, creating opportunity assessments, writing business proposals and similar tasks.

Lawrence Tech hosted a local qualifying Chase in February 2011 for our students to compete for a chance to go to Chicago for the national competition in September. Lawrence Tech Team Firefly (pictured above) who then brought home first prize in the national competition.