• Distinct group of LTU graduates who created businesses, stimulated economic development, and/or was essential to the creation of intellectual property
  • Leaders possessing the entrepreneurial mindset willing to share their experience, such as
    • Class presentations
    • Interactive lectures
    • Company tours
  • Serve as mentors, sponsor internships/co-ops, facilitate networking, participate in various educational programs
  • Contribute to the various Advisory Boards of colleges within LTU
  • Connect ‘Theory’ to ‘Practice’


  • Foster and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset among LTU students
  • Serve as a network and forum for LTU alumni to share their entrepreneurial and/or intrapreneurial journey
  • Strive to identify business opportunities and future commercialization of intellectual property within the LTU community 

For more information, please contact Professor Don Reimer,

David Darbyshire David Darbyshire
BSME ‘87
Dr. Naji Gebara Dr. Naji Gebara
BSEE ’92, MEMS ’97, DEMS ‘06 | CEO, PGF Technology Group, Inc.
Gretchen Minnhaar Gretchen Minnhaar
BSArE ‘59
Mohammed Mokhberi (R), Javad Mokhbery (L) Mohammed Mokhberi (R)
BSIM ‘78
Javad Mokhbery
BSME ‘79
Valerie Niemiec Valerie Niemiec
BSBA ‘84
Raymond Ormachea Raymond Ormachea
BSAd ‘02
Victor Saroki Victor Saroki
BSAr ’79, BAr ’80, HD ‘08
Al Siblani Al Siblani
BSEE ‘90
Tim Stephens Tim Stephens
BSIM ‘92
Gina Van Tine Gina Van Tine
BSAr ’89, BAr ’94 | inFORM studio
Laura Vogel Laura Vogel
BSEE ’85, BSMCS ‘85
David Wright David Wright
BSIM ‘71

Not pictured

Mike Fitzpatrick, BSME ‘73
Steve Gadzinski, BSEE ‘76
Jeff Golota, Sargon Partners, Venture Capitalists
Donald Reimer, BSIM ‘62
John Siragusa, BSME ’92, J.D. ‘00 | Carlson, Gaskey, & Olds, P.C.
Donald Stevens, BSAr ‘92
Dominic Tringali, BSAr ’83, BAr ‘84
Michael Zulinski, BSIM ‘74