• Distinct group of LTU graduates who created businesses, stimulated economic development, and/or was essential to the creation of intellectual property
  • Leaders possessing the entrepreneurial mindset willing to share their experience, such as
    • Class presentations
    • Interactive lectures
    • Company tours
  • Serve as mentors, sponsor internships/co-ops, facilitate networking, participate in various educational programs
  • Contribute to the various Advisory Boards of colleges within LTU
  • Connect ‘Theory’ to ‘Practice’


  • Foster and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset among LTU students
  • Serve as a network and forum for LTU alumni to share their entrepreneurial and/or intrapreneurial journey
  • Strive to identify business opportunities and future commercialization of intellectual property within the LTU community 

For more information, please contact Professor Don Reimer,