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Master of Science in Engineering Technology

MSET program is designed to provide advanced skills in Engineering Technology and prepare graduates to be leaders in the field of engineering technology practice and management.

The graduates will have solid knowledge in Modern Manufacturing Technologies including: wireless technologies, prototyping technologies, applied power electronics technology and evolving technologies.

The MSET program will provide students with advanced analytical tools used in decision making and situation analysis. Students will be able to solve sophisticated technical and processes problems and conduct applied and professional research in their fields to improve performance.

MSET students will have an excellent opportunity to become Black Belt Six Sigma certified as they are pursuing their plan of work towards the Master’s Degree.

Our Department is one of a very few in the Nation that is accredited by Six Sigma Certification Council to offer this opportunity to our students.

Students who are already working in Industry may have an advantage of choosing the Master thesis approach towards their degree. This option will help students combine their job and academic needs simultaneously.

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Engineering Technology Factory

Brittany WalkerBrittany Walker, MSET, explained that ''after graduating with my Bachelor in Mechanical and Engineering Technology from Lawrence Tech, it was an easy to decision for me to move forward with the Master in Engineering Technology program. As a Program Manager for an automotive supplier, every class I have taken for my Masters has had a direct connection to my job. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to take what you learned at school and use it in your work, and vice versa.
I have also had the chance to take classes that opened new opportunities for me at work, such as being identified as a high-performer in my region eligible to participate in a global leadership seminar, and paving the path for me to move in to a Manufacturing Engineer position. Lawrence Tech goes so far above and beyond with the opportunities it gives its students, that I even have the chance to get my Black Belt in Six Sigma as part of my curriculum.
Attending Lawrence Tech for both my Bachelors and my Masters has been such an amazing experience, that I am now even considering pursuing my Doctorate as well! All in all, the programs I have been a part of at LTU have guided me to where I am today, and will continue to be the reason I had such a successful start to my career."

Mohammed Al AdamMohammed Al Adam, MSET, said ''After completing my undergraduate program, I made the decision to continue my education with Lawrence Tech’s Master in Engineering Technology program. My goal was to pursue a career in the automotive field. Continuing my education with the MSET program at LTU would help set me apart in my chosen field, and become a lifelong benefit. The knowledge and experience gained set me up for success. The MSET program helped me obtain an internship as a quality engineer, and eventually a full-time position in the automotive industry upon my graduation."

Curriculum Flowchart [PDF]

Core Courses

TIE 5013 Technometrics
TEE 5923 Electrical Machines and Transformers
TEE 6333 Wireless Communication Technologies
TME 5123 Rapid Prototyping Technologies
TME 6343 Current Issues in Technology*
TIE 5343 Engineering Project Management
EEM 6583 Enterprise Productivity
*Course topics will alternate between Energy Conversion, Sustainable Green Manufacturing and Nano Technology

Elective Courses, choose three of the following (9 CR)

EEM 6763 Quality Engineering Systems
EEM 6753 Eng. Supply Chain Mgmt.
EMS 6713 Production Planning and Control
EMS 6703 Manufacturing Systems
EEM 6143 Hazardous Materials Mgmt.
EMS 6303 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
EMS 6823 Product Innovation and Design
EMS 6503 Manufacturing Productivity
Total CR Hrs. 30
Students may elect to choose master’s thesis option as a substitute to the 9 elective credits.
Other electives may be chosen with approval of the Program Director.

Educational Objectives

During the course of study, students are expected to:

  1. Apply advanced knowledge of different technologies
  2. Analyze and interpret information and make decisions using the latest techniques and technologies
  3. Evaluate and contribute to professional literature
  4. Communicate effectively using written, oral, graphical, and digital format.

Students in the Master of Science in Engineering Technology program interested in research projects can pursue that interest through:

  • A Master’s Thesis which the student can elect to substitute the 9 credits of elective course work.
  • Work on research projects within the core curriculum courses of the MSET program.

Engineering Technology Factory

Admission to the Master of Science in Engineering Technology program requires:

  1. Submission of the Application for Graduate Admission;
  2. A Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Engineering Technology, or equivalent degree from an accredited (or equivalent) university (minimum GPA of 3.0);
  3. Official transcripts of all completed college work;
  4. A minimum of one letter of recommendation (employers and professors are preferred);
  5. A resume, including professional experiences and extracurricular activities.
  6. A statement of purpose that includes personal and professional achievements or goals.

Applicants who do not meet all of the conditions for regular graduate admission may be considered for provisional admission by the Graduate Admissions Committee, provided they demonstrate an exceptionally high aptitude and promise for doing graduate work in this area and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology. Applicants may be required to take the GRE examination and pass the TOEFL examination.

Additionally, the academic background of candidates will be evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee as part of the admissions process. Students found deficient in a particular subject area are required to enroll in pre-core crossover courses before being allowed to enroll in some of the core program courses. No graduate credit will be granted for these courses.



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