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Bachelor of Science inConstruction Engineering Technology and Management

Construction managers play a crucial role in the overall building process. Whether they work for companies or as independent consultants, construction managers plan, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, wastewater treatment plants, schools, and hospitals. 

Construction jobs today are more complex than ever, and it takes solid professional management to bring even a relatively modest job to successful completion. Construction managers are involved with all stages of the planning, design, and construction in order to control the time and cost it takes to complete the project, while maintaining the quality of the construction.

Advanced positions in construction management involve such activities as defining the responsibilities and structure of the project management team, organizing and leading by implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities and developing communication protocols, and identifying the elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

Employment of construction managers is projected to increase faster than the average for all occupations over the next decade. More construction managers will be needed as the level of construction activity continues to evolve due to population and business growth. The increasing complexity of construction projects will also boost demand for specialized management-level personnel within the construction industry.

Advances in building materials and construction methods, the need to replace portions of the nation’s infrastructure, and the growing number of multipurpose buildings and energy efficient structures will further add to the demand for more construction managers.

“As a student in the construction management program at Lawrence Tech, I have gained a superior educational background. This background, coupled with six years of construction experience, enabled me to put theory into practice and has given me exceptional insight into the construction industry.” David Yostos, senior
BS Construction Management




Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Technology & Management Flowchart  PDF 

Your 127-credit-hour program consists of:

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 1103 College Composition 3
MCS 1074 Precalculus 4
CHM 1154 Intro. Chem. Principals 4
SSC 2303 Prin. of Economics 3
TCE 1023 Architectural Graphics 3
   TOTAL 17

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 2103 Tech. and Prof. Communication 3
MCS 1414 Calculus 1 4
LLT 1213 World Masterpieces 1 3
PHY 2213 College Physics 1 3
PHY 2221 College Physics 1 Lab 1
   TOTAL 14

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC 2413 Foundations of American Exp. 3
TKL XXX3 Technical Elective 3
PHY 2223 College Physics 2 3
PHY 2231 College Physics 2 Lab 1
TCE 2143 Specifications and Regulations 3
LLT 1223 World Masterpieces 2 3
   TOTAL 17

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MGT 2203 Principals of Mgmt. 3
TME 3333 Six Sigma 1 3
SSC 2423 Development of American Exp. 3
MGT 2113 Intro. to Business Law 3
TCE 2043 Surveying 3
   TOTAL 15

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
EGE 3022 Ldr. Prof. Dev. for Engineers 2
HRM 3013 Organizational Behavior 3
TCE 3093 Steel and Wood Structures 3
TIE 3203 Technology Project Management 3
TIE 3163 Engr. Economic Analysis 3
TME 3113 Engineering Mechanics 3
   TOTAL 17

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
Junior/Senior Elective 3
TCE 3013 Construction Techniques 3
TCE 3033 Soil and Foundations 3
TCE 3053 Electrical/Mechanical Systems 3
MGT 3113 Operations Management 3
TCE 3123 Const. Estimating and Scheduling 3
   TOTAL 18

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
TCE 4013 Const. Practicum OR Jr/Sr Elective 3
TCE 4113 Construction Safety 3
TME 4113 Computer Design Graphics 3
HRM 4013 Employee/Mgmt. Relations 3
TME 4103 Engineering Materials 3
   TOTAL 15

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
TCE 4093 Green Building Technology 3
TIE 4115 Senior Project 5
TCE 4133 Const. Engineering Mgmt. 3
TCE 4213 Const. Contracts and Legalities 3
Senior Standing
   TOTAL 14

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Internships + Co-Ops

True to Lawrence Tech’s unique blend of theory and practice, Construction Engineering Technology and Management students are encouraged to take part in internships or cooperative education (co-op). This opportunity provides hands-on, practical engineering experience that is a distinct advantage when approaching future employers.

Check out some of our students had to say about their experiences with Internships and Co-Ops.