'Big Blue' Wins Engineering Technology Senior Project Award

Senior project team members (L-R) Anthony J. Castellucci,
Daniel Peraino and Jason D'Antimo helped install "Big Blue"
in the Buell Building atrium in April 2009.

The senior project team of Anthony J. Castellucci, Jason R. D'Antimo, Luciano Mancini, and Daniel Peraino won the 2009 engineering technology senior project award for designing, building, and installing the six-foot-square clock, "Big Blue," in the atrium of the Buell Management Building. The project involved more than 700 discrete blue LEDs, microprocessor control, IR remote programming, 20 custom PC boards and a custom designed and manufactured aluminum frame with a blue acrylic lens.

The clock was redesigned three times during the semester to reduce weight by a third and cost by a half from the initial design. The team constantly tried different engineering methods to manufacture and operate the clock more efficiently. This is a green-power design that consumes only 10 watts for operation.

Professor Kenneth Cook, chair of the Department of Engineering Technology, asked the students to build a clock for the atrium as a senior project and helped them with some of the logistics.



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