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"Engineering Technology is one branch of engineering education that focuses on contemporary practical applications" - American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

Engineering Technology graduates work in science and engineering research and development of products, prepare and conduct experiments, and make prototypes. Curriculum concentration on problem-solving, hands-on application of science and technology enabled all of our graduates to hold distinguished engineering titles. Our graduates are important contributors to all facets of engineering.

"Ask not for what a university degree can do for you, but what can you do with a university degree" - Dr. Sabah Abro, Engineering Technology Chair

Our experienced professors will provide you with a firm foundation in science and engineering methods, concepts and theoretical applications. In our department you will have the opportunity to work on industry-sponsored projects with local firms as part of your senior project experience. You’ll also develop your own projects in an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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The University has a selective admissions process, the objective of which is to identify men and women who have the highest potential for advancement in their chosen field of study.

Bachelor of Science in

Audio Engineering Technology

The science of creating, processing, and recording sound.

Audio engineers use technology and technique to record, mix, and produce music, sound effects, and the spoken word for diverse purposes throughout the fields of business, art, and entertainment.

Bachelor of Science in

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Solving problems in manufacturing and maintenance, inspecting, and analyzing processes and products.

Graduates of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology program are given the solid foundations in science, engineering, and mathematics that will enable them to secure rewarding positions in product development and quality control.

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Sabah Abro

Department Chair
Director of MSEQ

Sabah Abro was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq until his family emigrated to the United States during the late 1960s. His pursuit of education took him on a global path, earning a bachelor's degree from Baghdad University, followed by a master's degree from the United Nations institute in the Middle East, another master's degree in Britain, and ultimately a PhD in Belgium. Along this academic journey, Abro not only acquired a wealth of knowledge but also became proficient in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Chaldean.

His teaching journey traversed the Middle East, with roles in Iraq and Jordan, and included guest lecturer positions in Kuwait and Morocco. He assumed various roles, such as faculty member, regional consultant, department chair, and acting dean. Notably, he contributed to a groundbreaking curriculum in manufacturing engineering education as the Math Program Director at Focus: HOPE before joining Lawrence Tech University (LTU) in 1997. At LTU, he transitioned from adjunct faculty to a full-time role in 2000 and now serves as the director of the Engineering Technology master's program, mentors doctoral students, and actively participates in Doctorate Committees within the College of Engineering.


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