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Engineering Education

Scholarship in engineering education in BME primarily focuses on building the mindset and skills necessary for engineers to be effective at making a strong impact through their work, as well as innovative teaching and learning pedagogy. Much of this work has been supported by funding from the Kern Family Foundation through the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN).

Topics include

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) in Engineering Projects and Research
  • Active and Collaborative Learning Modules
  • Professional Skepticism

LTU faculty and projects

Hao Jiang, PhD

  • Development of a Learning Module on Intellectual Property Protection to Foster the Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Medical Device Design Course, EngineeringUnleashed
  • FDA Regulation: How to Develop Regulatory Strategies for Class-II Medical Devices? EngineeringUnleashed, https://engineeringunleashed.com/card/264

Michael Lancina, PhD

  • Quantifying Group Engagement in Two-Stage Collaborative Exams
  • Professional Skepticism for Engineers

Eric Meyer, PhD

  • How to include EML in technical courses with "Quantified Self" themed modules, EngineeringUnleashed, https://engineeringunleashed.com/card/1715
  • Building Interactive Wearable Technology Devices to Motivate Hands-on Experience with Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Design, EngineeringUnleashed, https://engineeringunleashed.com/card/1449
  • “Using Simulation-Based Learning in Engineering Applications in an Orthopedics course”, SB3C
  • Hands-on Activities for Prototyping and Ideation in Biomedical Engineering, ASEE 2017 Annual Conference

John Peponis, MS

  • Reframing Making to Support EML: Custom Design Using 3D Scanning, EngineeringUnleashed, https://engineeringunleashed.com/card/2325
  • “An EM-Driven Framework for Undergraduate Research”, Kern Family Foundation