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Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory

The Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory was custom-designed as part of the Taubman Complex to allow advanced research on motion of the human body.

The primary equipment includes a 10 camera Vicon optical motion analysis system for gait or sports movement analysis and 3D computer generated animation. Also synced with the motion capture system are two Kistler force platforms to measure the Ground Reaction Forces on the feet.

There is an additional, Delsys® Trigno 16-channel, wireless sensor system with a variety of physiological monitoring sensors, including; surface electromyography (EMG), 3-axis accelerometers and/or, electrocardiography (EKG) electrodes. The sensors are wireless to allow the muscle’s action potential and body segment’s movement data to be transmitted to the Vicon system during a human biomechanics experiment.

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