Dr. Nabil GraceContinuous Pre-Stressed Composite Bridges

Innovative System of Continuous Pre-stressed Composite Bridges for the 21st Century

This research presents a new concept dealing with the development of a multi-span continuously pre-stressed concrete bridge system that requires no shoring or forms and has superior characteristics compared to conventional continuous bridge systems. The non-corrosive bridge system will be built of: (i) modified pre-cast pre-tensioned, with internal carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) strands, Double-T (DT) girders, (ii) cast-in-place continuous deck, reinforced with glass carbon fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP or CFRP) re-bars, connected to the DT through CFRP or GFRP shear connectors, and (iii) externally draped continuous CFRP post-tension strands. An analytical and experimental study will be conducted by Junior and Senior undergraduate students to examine the static, dynamic, fatigue and ultimate load characteristics of the multi-span continuously prestressed new bridge system. These include cracking, flexural strength, punching shear strength, damping response, natural frequencies and associated mode shapes and fatigue strength. The multi-span continuously pre-stressed bridge system and its construction technique present a leap forward as well as a breakthrough in the development of a new approach for non-corrosive efficient bridges. It will result in considerable savings in construction time and costs and in the complete elimination of corrosion problems in future USA bridges.