Dr. Nabil GraceBridge Street Bridge

The Bridge Street Bridge project represents the successful transfer of the technology developed from one of the ongoing research projects conducted at the Structural Testing Center by LTU research team. This research project was funded by the National Science Foundation, Michigan Department of Transportation, American Concrete Institute, Mitsubishi Chemical Functional Co., Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd., and the City of Southfield. The research project was conducted under the direction of Dr. Nabil Grace

The Bridge Street Bridge in Southfield, MI, is the first vehicular concrete bridge ever built in the United States that uses carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) material as the principal structure reinforcement. From the surface, the Bridge Street Bridge Project in Southfield, Michigan does not appear to be much different than any other bridge installation. As the sole means of access to the Bridge Street Industrial Subdivision, the project consists of two parallel bridges with one serving incoming traffic and the other, outgoing. Each is constructed of reinforced concrete with similar traffic barrier and sidewalk configurations. This similarity of appearance belies the radical difference in the actual structures with regard to their reinforcement systems and materials.


First Innovative CFRP Bridge in the US
Innovative System of Continuous Pre-stressed Composite Bridges for the 21st Century
Development and Evaluation of Innovative FRP Braided Fabric for Strengthening Infrastructures
CFRP Prestressing Strands
Environment/Durability Evaluation of FRP Composite Strengthened Bridges
Development and Implementation of CFRP Drive Shafts and Suspension System


  • Bridge Completion
  • Bridge Dedication
  • Bridge Analysis
  • CFRP Strands
  • CarboDur CFRP Plates
  • CFRP Strengthening
  • External Post-Tensioning

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