Master of Science Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering


I found the knowledge and skills I learned in my courses were directly applicable to industry. I think the experience I gained at LTU ... sets me apart from others in a professional setting.

Nick Hubbard


2020 U.S. News & World Report

Best Engineering Graduate Schools

Shalaka Nayak



Meet the LTU alum:

Shalaka Nayak is now working in an automotive automation industry as a controls engineer.

The LTU Experience:

Shalaka Nayak, said she has a “fascination to get things to work without any human intervention, in short automate things… the mechatronics systems program provides me with a platform to showcase my interest and also develop my knowledge and skills in not only electrical and electronic controls but also mechanical controls.”

Nayak said the course schedule also makes it convenient for working students.

“The program is clearly laid out for every student to take the courses at their ease and learn at their own pace. As most master’s students are working professionals, most of the lectures are scheduled in the evenings which allows one to combine work and studies without any difficulties."

Daniel Hodges



Meet LTU alum:

Daniel Hodges,   a 20-year veteran of the engineering field, has recently completed the program. He enrolled in mechatronics to stay up-to-date on this evolving industry. Up-ended by the recession in 2009, he went through three downsizing events, but now looks forward to a recharged start.

The LTU Experience:

“My career goal is to strategically lead my organization to innovative solutions which enrich our customers in ways that they don’t even know that they need yet. For that, I needed a graduate degree, especially in this global labor market,” he said. “I chose mechatronics because I needed more tools to fully explore creative solutions and to create adaptive systems. I am excited about what I now know I can do.”