Master of Science Industrial Engineering


I sincerely enjoyed the classes at LTU and found the methods to correlate theory to practical applications effective. I believe the efforts and practices at LTU better-prepared students to achieve gainful employment and position themselves for future growth.

Paul Bowers

Sr. Cost Optimization Engineer, General Motors

MSIE '18

2020 U.S. News & World Report

Best Engineering Graduate

Best Online Master's in Engineering Programs

Cory Williams

MSIE '21


Meet the LTU alum:

Cory Williams is a Manufacturing Engineer at Magna International.

The LTU experience:

"My graduate career started during the COVID pandemic and was strictly online; Professor Ali helped me not miss a beat. He is more than willing to assist with questions and doesn't hesitate to set up ZOOM meetings outside of class hours to work through questions I have. He is able to incorporate real life examples for almost all problems/situations that are discussed in class. You can see how much industry experience he brings to the table as a professor.”

Muqeeth Abdul Majid

MSIE '21


Meet the LTU alum:

Muqeeth Abdul Majid is a Quality Engineer at Dajaco Industries in Detroit Michigan. 

The LTU experience:

"One of the unique things about taking Professor Dr. Ahad Ali's courses is that his courses keep the industry in mind. Whenever I take his courses, I am learning on the job; he makes it mandatory to choose an industry-related project topic. This helped me a lot when I finally secured a full-time job as a quality engineer while pursuing graduate studies at LTU. His academic advising and course recommendations benefited me in my current professional career as a quality engineer. I thank him a lot for doing so."