Master of Science Industrial Engineering


Industrial engineers are charged with developing more efficient operations, processes, systems, reducing costs, and increasing productivity within the manufacturing and service industry – essential functions that employers depend on to remain successful. In order to improve efficiency,


I sincerely enjoyed the classes at LTU and found the methods to correlate theory to practical applications effective. I believe the efforts and practices at LTU better-prepared students to achieve gainful employment and position themselves for future growth.

Paul Bowers

Sr. Cost Optimization Engineer, General Motors

MSIE '18

2020 U.S. News & World Report

Best Engineering Graduate

Best Online Master's in Engineering Programs

Industrial engineers use their knowledge of lean six sigma to study product requirements and then design the manufacturing and information systems needed to meet those requirements. Their focus i s to improve quality & reliability of products and services while minimizing costs.

Those who study industrial engineering often become Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Process Engineers, Systems Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Management Engineers, Ergonomists, and Operations Analysts.

IE students learn how to:

  • improve quality / reliability of products and services
  • minimize costs
  • improve security 
  • reduce risk of injury 
  • minimize delays
  • improve accommodation for the disabled
  • improve quality of work life of employees
  • improve service to customers
  • reduce human errors
  • improve on-time performance

Meet the Faculty


Dr. Ahad Ali

Dr. Ahad Ali is an expert in manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence, supply chain management and logistics, energy optimization, biomass and renewable energy and many other topics. He is the recipient of several grants and is widely published in his field.

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Dr. Ahad Ali