Master of Science Automotive Engineering

Himanshu Kolambe

MSAE '20


The LTU experience:

"In Spring 2018, I enrolled in LTU for the Master of Science in Automotive Engineering. Whether it is the Ridler Field House or a research lab, LTU has offered me every possible resource I needed to achieve my goals. During my first two semesters at LTU, I worked as a Research Assistant on two research projects and co-published one research paper in SAE. On one project, I used optical systems to monitor stress-strain relationship in I-section steel beams, allowing the determination of actual stresses & strains developed in beams under loading.

In another research project, I compared CT scan and digital shearography and developed a hybrid approach of testing voids in high pressure sustainable carbon fiber tubes

As a result of proper guidance and extremely helpful faculty members, I am now working full time and experiencing the benefits of versatile educational program I am enrolled in. I thank LTU for encouraging and helping me on every step of my career and I am grateful that I get a chance to be a proud “Blue Devil.”