Master of Science Automotive Engineering

Admission to the MSAE program as a regular graduate student requires the demonstration of high potential for success based on the following:

  1. Submission of the Online Application for Graduate Admission
  2. Official transcripts of all college work*,**
  3. Resume
  4. A minimum of one Letter of Recommendation (employers and professors are preferred);
  5. Statement of Purpose (Optional, 1 page)

* Applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. institution –or– a non-U.S. degree equivalent to a four-year U.S. baccalaureate degree from a college or university of government recognized standing.

** A Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering (or technical related field) (minimum GPA of 3.0);

Applicants who do not meet all of the conditions for regular graduate admission may be considered for provisional admission by the Graduate Admissions Committee, provided they demonstrate an exceptionally high aptitude and promise for doing graduate work in this area and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. Applicants may be required to take the GRE examination and pass the TOEFL examination.

Additionally, the academic background of candidates will be evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee as part of the admissions process. Students found deficient in a particular subject area are required to enroll in pre-core crossover courses before being allowed to enroll in some of the core program courses. No graduate credit will be granted for these pre-core courses.

Pre-core Courses (as needed)

Course NumberSubjectCr. Hrs.
EME 4603Introduction to Mechanical Systems3
EME 4613Introduction to Thermal Systems3
EEE 2123Circuits and Electronics3
EME 4654Mechatronics4


A maximum of six semester hours of graduate engineering courses taken at other accredited engineering colleges (or nine semester hours if coursework was taken at Lawrence Tech) may be transferred, provided they are deemed relevant by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Courses to be transferred must have been taken in the last five (5) years and a grade of B (3.0) or higher must have been achieved. Students should petition the Graduate Admissions Committee by letter prior to completion of the first semester of graduate work. Students must submit evidence, in addition to transcripts, in the form of syllabi and examinations for each transfer course proposed. The committee may require the applicant to demonstrate proficiency in the subject through interviews with faculty members who have expertise in the subject.