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The A. Leon Linton Department ofMechanical, Robotics, and Industrial Engineering


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Mechanical, industrial, and robotics engineers inspire others through their ingenuity, technical know-how, and keen analytical skill. They’ve created some of the world’s greatest inventions while also solving very tough technical problems. If you aspire to change the world through great engineering, think about majoring in one of the degrees offered in the A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical, Robotics, and Industrial Engineering.

Whether you choose mechanical, robotics, or industrial engineering, you’ll experience Lawrence Tech’s signature theory and practice education through state-of-the-art engineering labs, internship and co-op opportunities with nearby world-class engineering firms, student chapters of professional engineering societies, Blue Devil Motorsports competitions, and more.

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The University has a selective admissions process, the objective of which is to identify men and women who have the highest potential for advancement in their chosen field of study.

Bachelor of Science

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design and build machines and the devices that power them, and are involved throughout the product development and manufacturing processes, from concept and design to installation and implementation.

Bachelor of Science

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineers build and maintain robots that alleviate day-to-day tasks within the automotive, food packaging, appliance, and electronic industries. They also design software systems and evaluate prototypes to improve old technology.

Explore the Robotics Engineering Labs

LTU senior Dorie takes us on a tour of the Robotics Engineering Labs at Lawrence Tech!


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Badih Jawad

Department Chair and Professor

Dr. Jawad, professor and department chair is a dedicated researcher and has been published in many academic journals, he is also the recipient of many teaching awards and other academic honors.

Co-ops + Internships

Get inspired by LTU students who found internship and co-op opportunities – then dare to explore your own through LTU Career Services, or on-campus job and career fairs.

Victoria, a Mechanical Engineering student, talks about her internship experience in the automotive engineering industry and why she switched to a Control Systems Engineering internship the ensuing summer.

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