Since 2010 the A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering has sponsored technical presentations on the 3rd Thursday of most months of the academic fall and spring semesters. These free, one-hour seminars present innovative and technical topics of interest to our engineering students, faculty, and the broader Lawrence Tech community, as well as the outside public. We have had a variety of presenters from many industry and academic institutions, including highly capable Lawrence Tech students, faculty.

Seminars are free and open to the public.


 For more details contact Dr. Robert Fletcher.


Year Speaker Topic
2015 Gianluca Allegretto
Módesto LLC
Introduction to Interaction Design
2014 Dr. Imad Makki
Ford Motor Company
A Non-intrusive Three-way Catalyst Diagnostics Monitor Based on Support Vector Machines
  Michael Royce
Albion Associates
Grades Do Count, But That’s Not All – Tips for Engineers in Training
2013 Dr. James A. Mynderse
Lawrence Tech faculty
A Dynamic Mirror Actuator for Improving Electrophotographic Print Quality
  Giuseppe Santangelo
Teoresi US
Commercial Space Technologies and Aerospace System Engineering
  Mahmoud Yassine
Chrysler Group
Powertrain Emissions Department, Impact of Ethanol Fuels on Regulated Tailpipe Emissions
2012 Dr. Alaa El-Sharkawy
The Chrysler Group
Impact of Emissions and Fuel Economy on Vehicle Thermal Management: Challenges and Opportunities
  Ghassan Khalil
Hybrid Electric Challenges for Military Applications
  Dr. Robert W. Fletcher
Lawrence Tech faculty
A review of recent energy research the Lawrence Tech Energy Lab, and the opportunities of utilizing undergraduate engineering student assistants
  Stephanie (Shevenock) Campbell
Lawrence Tech student
Supersonic Jet Inlet Buzz and Preparatory Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Steps
  Hugh Blaxill
MAHLE Powertrain LLC
The Role Of Internal Combustion Engines In Future Energy Use
 2011 Dr. Michael A. Gennert
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Engineering a Robotics Program from Scratch
  Dr. Liping Liu
Lawrence Tech faculty
Effects of Air-Side Surface Wettability on the Performance of Dehumidifying Heat Exchangers
  Dr. Yawen Li
Lawrence Tech faculty 
Lawrence Tech’s New Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope: Capabilities and Applications
  Dr. Selin Arslan
Lawrence Tech faculty
Controlled Flow Evaporation in Complex Microchannels with Non-Uniform Wall Temperatures
2010 Amy Tsang
Lawrence Tech student
The NREL SULI Research Experience
  Dr. Joe Mercurio
General Motors
Automotive Fuel Cells
  Dr. Vladimir V. Vantsevich
Lawrence Tech faculty
Inverse Ground Vehicle Dynamics: Research and Teaching