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Dual Master in Industrial Engineering + Engineering Management


Industrial engineers are concerned with increasing productivity through people, methods, and technology with careful study of the product requirements, design, manufacturing, and information systems. As companies look to reduce costs and raise productivity, they increasingly will turn to industrial engineers to develop efficient processes and reduce costs, delays, and waste.

Engineering Management is closely related to Industrial Engineering due to nature of the profession. Engineers seeking to move up the career ladder are getting master's degrees in engineering management. Companies could see greater value added engineers with dual program on MSIE and MEM.

Why LTU?

The dual program for the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) and Master of Engineering Management (MEM) at Lawrence Tech is designed so that students will obtain advanced knowledge of the industrial engineering and engineering management to be successful in a real-world environment. The dual program requires a total of 51 course credits including all the core courses from both programs.

Meet the Faculty


Dr. Ahad Ali

Dr. Ahad Ali is an expert in manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence, supply chain management and logistics, energy optimization, biomass and renewable energy and many other topics. He is the recipient of several grants and is widely published in his field.

Office of Admissions


Program Director

Dr. Ahad Ali