We offer interested students a number of relevant Alternative Energy Engineering courses, have built and outfitted a state-of-the-art Alternative Energy Engineering laboratory, we have installed a 10 kW photovoltaic (PV) grid-tied system of the roof of the Engineering building high-bay area, and have also installed a small wind turbine that charges batteries in our alternative energy engineering laboratory.  Our lab features several various solar PV technologies and solar hot water heating systems (some were student built).  We also have biodiesel production capabilities, as well as oxygen-bomb calorimetry test equipment to measure energy content of the liquid biofuels produced in the lab. We also have the ability to test airfoil designs in a low-velocity wind tunnel designed and build by Lawrence Tech for our energy lab.

Photovoltaic 10Kw Lawrence Tech

We have also undertaken several funded research projects in this field that provides our students several opportunities to conduct meaningful research.

We are proud of the significant progress and successes we’ve accomplished so far, and we continue to looking to offer new courses and learning opportunities for our students. Please feel free to contact me via the methods listed below if you have questions about our Alternative and Renewable Energy educational and research efforts at LTU.

Robert W. Fletcher, PhDVery Best Regards,

Robert W. Fletcher, PhD
Director, LTU Alternative Energy Engineering program
A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical, Robotics, and Industrial Engineering
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