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The LEGENDS Lawrence Tech Alumni Entrepreneurs

Donald M. Reimer, Associate Director
The Lear Entrepreneurial Program

College of Engineering






The LEGENDS is an organization of Lawrence Tech entrepreneurial alumni whose purpose is to foster and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset among our students.

The LEGENDS will also serve as a network and a forum for Lawrence Tech alumni to share their entrepreneurial journey, and experiences.

The LEGENDS will strive to identify business opportunities and future commercialization of intellectual property within the Lawrence Tech Family.

  1. The strength of the Legends is founded in developing relationships with past, present and future students.

    Their lifelong involvement with the University promotes the University as a learning institution.

  2. Fostering relations with the community involves Business, the Public and Government.

  3. The Faculty serves as the core relationship between the students and the University. The Legends supports the development of this core relationship through cooperative consideration of the needs of the students and faculty.



You should know about some exciting news! The opportunity to become part of a new organization at Lawrence Tech is now hear. Your University is in the process of launching an organization that will focus on Lawrence Tech alumni entrepreneurs.

The idea of creating an organization of Lawrence Tech alumni who own and operate their own business was founded within The Lear Entrepreneurial Center in the College of Engineering. The University Alumni Board of Directors recognizes the importance of this select group of Lawrence Tech alumni. This will be a new organization within the University family.

The LEGENDS, as it will be known, is unique in that it will identify and recognize the outstanding achievements of a group of Lawrence Tech alumni who have created business ventures, jobs and, in many instances, innovative products and services. Each of our entrepreneurial alumni has, in their own way, contributed to the economic growth of their respective communities.

In order to create The LEGENDS, Lawrence Tech established an ad hoc steering committee to participate in the pre planning, organization and launch of the group. The Steering Committee held its first meeting on Thursday, May 1. The group is charged with the following:

  • Assisting in the identification of possible Board of Director members
  • Planning the initial meeting
  • Developing the vision and mission of the organization
  • Creating the core values and beliefs of the organization
  • Identifying the short and long term objectives
  • Developing the membership criteria
  • Creating the program of work and the specific activities
  • Identifying the recognition and award programs


The work of The LEGENDS Steering Committee should be completed within 90 to 120 days. Once the work is completed, The LEGENDS Alumni Entrepreneurs will hold its first meeting in the fall of this year. Some of the proposed activities of The LEGENDS include the following:

  • Create an opportunity for members of The LEGENDS to do business with each other
  • Recognize the achievements of Lawrence Tech Entrepreneurial Alumni
  • Serve as speakers for the Entrepreneurial Lecture Series
  • Serve as members of the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board
  • Provide a role model for students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and/or corporate entrepreneurship
  • Serve as mentors to students who have an interest in entrepreneurship
  • Provide possible employment opportunities for our students
  • Recognize student entrepreneurial achievements with an awards dinner and/or special event
  • Provide success stories and entrepreneurial learning experiences by contributing to the Entrepreneurial Alumni Resource Library
  • Provide student senior project support to foster technology transfer to stimulate venture creation opportunities for future entrepreneurs
  • Provide possible business ownership opportunities as The LEGENDS Alumni Entrepreneurs mature and exit their business
  • Interact with the student Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) as advisors or serve as a support group of members
  • Identify possible research and development opportunities for product ideas and innovation
  • Contribute to ideas to enhance the Lawrence Tech entrepreneurial programs
  • Contribute information for The LEGENDS quarterly newsletter
  • Establish an Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame to recognize the outstanding achievements of distinguished members of The LEGENDS


If you want to become involved in The LEGENDS organization, contact Don Reimer at or 248.204.2573.