The Lear Entrepreneurial Certificate Program is administered by the College of Engineering at Lawrence Technological University. It began in 2001 after a generous donation was received from Lear Corporation, a Fortune 150 company headquartered in Southfield, focuses on automotive interiors and electronics and is the world’s fifth-largest automotive supplier. 

The entrepreneurial program at LTU consists of courses, conferences, and internships designed to provide entrepreneurship education in which inquiry, creativity, and innovation are the norm, and theory and practice go hand-in-hand.  It offers students from various disciplines the opportunity to work in a business-model setting to solve real-world engineering problems. Students enrolled in this program can earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship while pursuing an engineering degree. For more information, e-mail

Students in any of Lawrence Tech’s undergraduate engineering disciplines have the unique option to bring real products and services to market, while solving real-world engineering problems. Entrepreneurial engineering graduates prepare to run their own companies, be an integral part of a small company, or lead successful projects in a larger company. Beginning as a sophomore, you participate in an internship to prepare for the capstone project. As juniors, participants form their own company and run it as if it were a real private sector business. You develop a business plan, and then design, produce and market a technical product. Students gain knowledge and understanding of the business world from a combination of academic and practical experiences that supplement core engineering, math, and science courses.

For more information about the Lear Entrepreneurial Certificate Program, contact:

Professor Donald Reimer
Director of Entrepreneurial Programs, College of Engineering
248.204.2573 p e