LTU’s Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) degree is designed so that students will obtain advanced knowledge in the fundamental areas of industrial engineering, such as operations optimization, process control, reliability, design of experiments, etc. within which thesis and non-thesis options are available. The Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with thesis option requires a total of 24 course credits plus 6 credits of thesis research. The non-thesis option requires a total of 30 course credits.

Your 30-credit hour program consists of:


Core Requirements - 18 Credits 

EMS 5603 Engineering Systems Simulation
EIE 6653 Advanced Optimization Techniques
EIE 6663 Applied Stochastic Processes
EMS 6403 Quality Control
EMS 6713 Production, Planning and Control
EIE 6673 Six Sigma Processes

Electives Requirements - 12 Credits

Choose from the following:

EME 5513 - Lean Manufacturing Systems
EME 5623 - Product Development and Sustainability
EEM 6753 - Engineering Supply Chain Management
EEM 6583 - Enterprise Productivity
EMS 6703 - Manufacturing Systems
EEM 6743 - Value Engineering
EME 6763 - Quality Engineering Systems
EMS 6303 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing
EEM 6343 - Automotive Manufacturing
EMS 7203 - Manufacturing Systems Simulation
EMS 7303 - Design for Reliability
EMS 7403 - Design of Manufacturing
EMS 7613 - Technology Management



Core Courses               18 cr.
Electives                         6 cr.
Thesis                             6 cr.

Total Credit Hours       30


For more information about the program contact:

Dr. Ahad Ali
Program Director, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering