Industrial Automotive Engineering
Industrial automotive engineering focuses on the tasks and concepts in the automotive industry from manufacturers and suppliers to service providers for both engineering and business decision-making.  It includes development and introduction of new technologies, state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts, internationalization of value-added chains, and increased product variety. Various automotive standardization and certifications are addressed as well in this concentration.

Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Systems can help to understand the global relationships that exist among manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, researchers, marketers, and managers and govern the modern manufacturing process. Systems engineering and integrated design approaches are used to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Quality & Reliability
Recent experience in the world has shown that quality/reliability has become an important factor in manufacturing and service industries. This has become a key ingredient in achieving business growth and success. Effective quality/reliability improvement programs provide a significant competitive advantage. The Quality and Reliability concentration provides the student with sufficient knowledge and skills for improving quality and productivity in manufacturing and service organizations. This concentration includes the integration of modern quality concepts, tools, and techniques to develop, implement and maintain systems. Lean, six sigma and continuous improvement are addressed as well. Students can choose quality/reliability related classes for their technical electives.

Supply Chain and Logistics
In order to gain a global competitive advantage, companies are looking to develop effective supply chain and logistics strategies. A supply chain focus provides a foundation in supply chain and logistics systems with a national and global perspective. It provides proficiency in problem solving, analytical methods and decision making in a wide variety of industries. This includes manufacturing, retail, logistics, distribution, healthcare, defense, service, and software. Students can choose supply chain and logistics related classes for their technical electives.

Engineering Management
Engineering Management bridges the gap between engineering and management and integrates business and management knowledge. It enables a graduate to work with and through people to achieve common objectives. This focus area provides graduates with both excellent technical and managerial skills. It combines a classic engineering education with technical skills and key elements of a typical business/management education (managerial). Students can select multi-disciplinary courses as well. Engineering management focuses on preparing engineers for leadership roles in technology-based organizations. Students can choose engineering management related classes for their technical electives.

Product Development
New product development is a key factor in achieving sustainability in the highly competitive manufacturing business. When the product lifecycle is becoming shorter and shorter, companies are looking for extended product functions with lower cost and higher quality. The product development focus area emphasizes product lifecycle management (PLM), computer aided manufacturing, computer aided engineering, digital manufacturing and sustainability. Therefore, automotive product development would be a key focus area. Students can choose product development related classes for their technical electives.

Human Factors & Ergonomics
As a result of increased government regulations and wellbeing of human, the quality of work lives, ergonomics and occupational safety and health have become increasingly important. This focus area emphasizes improving the ergonomic design, performance, air quality, lighting, noise and long term effects in the work environment. Students learn theories and application of tools to reduce injuries, improve productivity and increase quality of service/goods in industry. Students can choose ergonomics related classes for their technical electives.