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. . . to the Industrial Engineering Programs at Lawrence Technological University. Our university, founded by the Lawrence brothers in 1932, has a long and rich history routed in industrial engineering and manufacturing. Lawrence Tech began with the strong support of Henry Ford and the leasing of building located near the Model T plant in Highland Park, Michigan. The innovative concept of educating engineers in night school provide workers an opportunity to work during the day and earn a degree attending evening classes. Henry Ford believed this was a great idea that would meet automotive production challenges. BSIE was offered in 1932 when LTU started. A famous 1948 alum, John DeLorean, who returned after WWII to complete the BSIE degree he'd started earlier. IE has and will continue to play a significant role at Lawrence Tech.

Industrial Engineering (IE) has played a critical role in the industrial revolution including quality, reliability, standardization, design, manufacturing, simulation, optimization and industrial management. Industrial engineers are engaged in bringing cost effective methods to improve productivity and quality. IE also plays a significant role in environmental sustainability, energy conservation, improving healthcare and safety in workplace.

Lawrence Tech is located in the center of automotive industry. Industrial Engineering tools and techniques provide competitive advantages from conceptual design through the sale of the product or service. It also includes the recycling process for OEMs and suppliers. Automotive industries are facing continuous challenges for maintaining and improving quality, reliability and functionality while continuing to reduce cost. IE professional have a long tradition of supporting these challenges and opportunities.

The Lawrence Tech IE program gives our students a competitive edge. We prepare our students with IE tools to coup with real world challenges. Some of the focus areas include: lean six sigma, quality and reliability, supply chain, engineering management and product development. A project based approach is used in many of the IE classes. Students will have an opportunity to participate in an internship or a co-op. You will have access to hundreds of companies that participate in internships and co-ops. All of these companies are located within the 50 miles of Lawrence Tech. Industry experiences have helped many of our graduates begin their professional careers at a much higher level. Our IE’s intensive programs in conjunction with internship experiences prepare our students to meet the current and future challenges of real world applications. In addition, our dedicated faculty provide mentorship for their continuous growth.

LTU’s “Theory and Practice” approach helps students to relate real life situations from the beginning of your education to the completion of your degree. The LTU value proposition has been recognized by a study published by the Brookings Institute. We rank fifth (out of over 6,100 two- and four-year colleges) in the country that provide its graduates with the highest earnings.

I look forward to you becoming a part of the LTU community. There are many opportunities in our Industrial Engineering Programs. You will find our IE programs to be of great value added for your personal and professional growth.

Let me know, if I can be of assistance in answering any questions you may have about the IE curriculum and career opportunities.


Ahad Ali, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of IE Programs
248.204.2531 p

Industrial Engineering Events

Car Design Extended Virtual Seminar

Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy (Department of Industrial Engineering) and LTU are organizing a seminar on car design in January and February.