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AboutEntrepreneurial Engineering Design

The primary activity that takes place in the EEDS is the College of Engineering’s Entrepreneurial Engineering Design Studio course. [EGE2123]

In this unique sophomore level design studio, students engage in a hands on experience that builds on the foundation of the entrepreneurial mindset introduced in our first-year course, EGE1001 Fundamentals of Engineering Design Projects.

In one semester, our sophomore engineering students use curiosity to identify opportunities for a design within a given theme. They connect with real customers outside of the classroom. By the end of the semester, these students have built a working prototype that creates value for these customers. This experience is made more meaningful by partnering with non-profit agencies.

The partners that EEDS utilizes are Services to Enhance Potential (STEP) and ConnectUs. STEP works with and employs persons with disabilities. As employees, these persons undergo training and development activities which allows for personal and professional growth. Our other partner, ConnectUs, supplies quality programming for individuals with server multiple disabilities. Their programs provide stimulating, educational and social activities for members, interns and volunteers.

Our sophomore students in the EEDS are tasked with identifying an opportunity and implementing a design that will help these clients in their endeavors. Unique aspects of the course include direct interaction with real customers and determining how to create the most value based on the tasks that these clients perform. Additionally, students investigate the market, review prior solutions and intellectual property, and perform an economic analysis related to the development and potential marketing of their invention.