To be recognized for transformative STEM and design education that develops leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and global perspective.

IDEAS is more than a clever acronym. IDEAS will distinguish you as a Lawrence Tech engineer!

Everyone knows that engineers solve the problems that our ever changing world faces.  We know our engineering students want to be solution providers.

Through a generous grant from KEEN, our IDEAS has turned into a reality.

 The College of Engineering recognizes that the problems engineers face are becoming more and more complex.  High performing, interdisciplinary teams are needed to solve these challenges.   At Lawrence Tech, IDEAS facilitates collaboration amongst students from various engineering disciplines. 

For engineers to solve these problems, they must first recognize the opportunities in the world around them and find the right problem to solve.  With IDEAS, students interact with and create extraordinary value for real world customers.   IDEAS fosters a   habit of thought that empowers students to be curious about the world around them and recognize opportunities to connect the technical skills learned in the classroom to the needs of their customer. Students become champions of value creation.

Academic Honor Code

The SEED facilitates the following innovative curricular and extracurricular activities: 

eWeek Design Challenges

Innovation Encounter

Sophomore Expo