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Keith Kowalkowski

Assistant Department Chair, Civil Engineering Graduate Programs
Civil + Architectural Engineering

Dr. Keith Kowalkowski received his Ph.D in Structural Engineering from Purdue University and his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University. His specialization is in structural engineering with an emphasis in steel design, analysis, structural dynamics, and finite element applications. From December of 2005 to August 2010, Dr. Kowalkowski worked for Ruby and Associates, Inc. specializing in steel member and connection design, finite element applications in structural engineering, erection engineering, value engineering, and constructability related issues.

Dr. Kowalkowski maintains a professional engineering licensure from the State of Michigan and has held a structural engineering licensure from the State of Illinois.  He is a member of ASCE, ACI, AISC, PCI, and SEAMi.

As the Assistant Chair of the department, his primary responsibilities are as director of the civil engineering graduate programs including the Master of Science in Civil Engineering, the Master of Construction Engineering Management, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering. In addition, Dr. Kowalkowski is the director for the 5-year direct entry Master of Science in Architectural Engineering program.

Dr. Kowalkowski has worked on a number of sponsored research projects since joining Lawrence Tech in 2010. Topics include but are not limited to:

  •  Experimental behavior and analysis of structural steel connection elements exposed to fire conditions
  •  Influence of heat cambering on the residual stresses that develop in steel beams.
  • The evaluation of three-dimensional mechanical properties of composite materials used for military purposes.
  • Effects of extreme environmental effects on the integrity of composite armor materials.
  • Flammability, smoke, and toxicity properties of materials used in army ground vehicles. This research resulted in the development of a guideline used by the US army for the measurement and adequacy of FST properties of materials used in military ground vehicles. He was responsible for directing and building the Fire Testing Facility at Lawrence Tech.
  • Analysis and design of eccentric stiffeners part of moment connections to column flanges, which was sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Dr. Kowalkowski has also performed a number of industry sponsored research projects. His primary research interests include include steel connection design, residual stress effects in steel members, fatigue and fracture behavior of structural steel connections and components, erection engineering, effects of heat treatments on the structural properties, serviceability, and load capacities of steel beam bridges, and the design, behavior, and analysis of structures subjected to fire loading.