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Richard Marburger

Senior Arts + Sciences Advisor
Senior Engineering Advisor
President Emeritus
College of Arts + Sciences

Marburger served as president of the university for 16 years, 1977-93. From 1981 to 1993, he also served as chairman and chief executive officer of Lawrence Tech. Marburger joined the adjunct faculty in 1965 and rapidly advanced through a number of key administrative positions. He returned to full-time teaching at LTU in 1993.

His scientific career spans 50 years; at the General Motors Research Laboratories, the Air Force, and at Lawrence Tech. Currently, Marburger serves as a volunteer student advisor for two of the University's four colleges and shares his wisdom with students and faculty alike. He also provides assistance to the Office of University Advancement in fundraising.

He holds three degrees in physics from Wayne State University, including a doctorate.