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George Pappas

Assistant Professor & Director, MSAI graduate program
Electrical + Computer Engineering

Pappas received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and master's and doctorate in Systems Engineering from Oakland University. The primary topic of his research was estimation techniques in cellular wireless communications systems. During his research in power estimations in cellular communication networks, he extended his investigation in applications in health care environments. His focus is on systems that transmit and receive biopotential or nonelectric  values over wireless cellular networks.

Pappas investigates different statistical methods for parameter estimation of linear and nonlinear model in dynamic mobile communications biomedical systems. Also, he investigates encryption and optimization algorithms of the transfer of electronic medical data using wireless cellular communication systems for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients in remote locations.

Research Interests

  • Virtual Reality in medical applications
  • Artificial Intelligence to aid diagnostics
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical and Health Informatics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Wireless implantable sensors
  • Biomedical Transducers
  • Networking, communications, and information infrastructures in medical environment
  • Medical Communication Protocols, HL7
  • DICOM grid
  • Handheld wireless diagnostic devices
  • Biomedical systems and devices
  • Medical and imaging informatics
  • Medical content-based image retrieval
  • Medical networking issues and implementation of basic protocols for healthcare environment
  • Programming concepts for medical applications
  • Abstraction techniques used to extract meaningful features from medical text and imaging data and visualize results

Courses Taught

  • BME 1201 Computer Graphics Lab
  • BME 1202 Computer Application Lab
  • BME 3002 Biomedical Best Practices

Academic experience

  • Lawrence Technological University, Adjunct Professor (2016-present)
  • Oakland University Teaching/Research Assistant Systems Engineering (2004- 2015)
  • Oakland University Research Coordinator Laser Image Processing (1997)
  • Meeting of the Minds presenter, University of Michigan (1999)

Certifications or professional registrations

  • IEEE Embedded Systems Workshop
  • Member SME/IEEE


  • (1) “Extended Kalman Filtering and Pathloss Modeling for Shadow Power Parameter

Estimation in Mobile Wireless Communications" (with M. A Zohdy), The International Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems. Vol.7 pp.898-924,2014.

  • (2) “A New Extended Kalman Filtering for Shadow/Fading Power Estimation in Mobile Communications" (with Subramaniam Ganesan and M. A Zohdy), International Journal of Information Technology. Vol.6, pp. 705-710, 2014.