Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory

E106, College of Engineering
Lawrence Technological University
21000 West Ten Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075, USA

Eric G. Meyer, PhD (bio)
Contact: p. (248) 204-2606, f. (248) 204-2527, emeyer@ltu.edu


The Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory (EBL) aims to advance experimental biomechanics understanding by providing practical training to engineering, life science and medical students and advancing the boundary of knowledge through translational research.

To achieve these goals Dr. Eric Myer combines in vivo testing of human and animal subjects with cadaver and surrogate in vitro models and computer simulations to understand injury mechanisms and predict risk. Additionally, the EBL enthusiastically cultivates collaborations with clinicians and the medical device industry to develop preventative and regenerative treatments for bone and soft tissue damage and disease. Recently, the EBL has partnered with ME and EE faculty to develop a Wearable Technology Innovation Center that provides practical, hands-on experiences to students focused around the topics of sensing, perception, and control in next generation robotics, haptics, and other quantified-self devices.

Funding for the EBL equipment, supplies and personnel come from a variety of sources including; internal support from LTU, foundation grants, in kind donations from industry, and contract research project with industry partners. The EBL has supported LTU’s efforts for increased partnership with local hospitals such as Beaumont, Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford and Providence. These projects are currently being developed in the areas of oral and orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, simulations, radiology and robotic surgery. The EBL has trained/supervised more than 22 undergraduate student research projects, 13 BME senior projects, and 3 graduate student research projects.