What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

Electrical engineers apply electrical, electronic and magnetic theory to obtain solutions for problems related to the development, design and operation of electrical hardware and software, control systems, electrical machines and communications systems. Besides development, design, operations, and research, electrical engineers may be involved in manufacture, installation, and sale of electrical and electronic equipment and are employed by a wide variety of organizations which produce, use or service this equipment.

They work on motor vehicles, power plants, computers and electro-optical devices; they may deal with motors, lighting, lasers, radar or medical equipment. Sub-specialties range from tiny consumer electronic devices to the massive power-generating equipment used by utility companies.


What Do Computer Engineers Do?

The world is in the midst of a technological revolution that is being fueled by continuous improvements in the speed and capabilities of computers. Computer engineers are concerned with the design, development and implementation of new and challenging computer technology in a myriad of consumer, industrial, commercial and military applications.

For example, every major automotive subsystem (engine, traction, brakes, suspension, climate control, instrument cluster, etc.), on a modern automobile is computer controlled. Working in these areas requires expertise in all aspects of computer hardware and software, and requires the engineer to be able to make hardware/software trade-offs in developing an optimum system design.