A certificate program is being offered for students who wish to acquire specific knowledge and skills in the design and implementation of embedded systems. The program is designed for a wide range of students:

  • Current undergraduate students enrolled in BSEE, BSC&EE, or BSME program who wish to earn a Certificate in Embedded Systems along with their BS degree.
  • Working Engineers with a degree in EE, Comp Eng., or ME who wish to specialize in embedded systems.
  • Technologists with a working knowledge of analog electronics, digital electronics, and microprocessors.
Prerequisite Requirements  

Either an academic or a working knowledge of analog electronics, digital electronics, and microprocessors is required. Some familiarity with C++ is also required. If specific knowledge in any of these areas is missing, students who wish to receive the certificate must take one or more of the following prerequisite courses (or equivalents):

Courses Title Pre-Requisites Concurrent Req.'s
EEE2123 Circuits and Electronics PHY2423 MSC2423
EEE3233 Microprocessors EEE2114
MCS1142 Intro to C Programming Placement Test
Certificate Requirements  

The Certificate program requires 17 credit hours of coursework.  The following courses are required (11 hours)

Courses Title Pre-Requisites Concurrent Req.'s
EEE3221 Advanced Digital Elec Lab EEE3223
EEE3221 Advanced Digital Elec Lab EEE3223
EEE4243 Embedded Systems EEE3233
EEE4241 Embedded Systems Lab EEE4243
EEE4273 Real Time Systems EEE3233
Elective courses must be selected from the following list of courses. (6 credit hours)  
Course Title Pre-Requisites
EEE4263 Computer Networking EEE3314, EEE3223 or EEE3233
EEE4333 Automotive Electronics
EEE4583 Instrumentation and Sensor Tech
EEE5534 Digital Control Systems
EEE5654 Digital Signal Processing
EEE4XX3 Digital Communications

Transfer Credits

A maximum of 8 credit hours can be transferred from other institutions, providing the courses being transferred have not been sided to satisfy other degree requirements. Of the 8 credit hours, up to 6 are allowed for recitation courses, and up to 2 are allowed for lab courses.



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