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Master of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering

The MSECE program offers students two degree options:

Option I: Coursework Only
This option requires 16 credit hours of core courses plus 16 credit hours of technical electives for a total of 32 credit hours. The core courses must be taken prior to the elective courses. At least one of the technical electives must be at the 6000 level. Advanced-level electives (6XX4) require completion of core courses or specific approval by both the instructor and the chair.

Option II: Coursework and Thesis
If a student elects to write a thesis, the core courses requirement may be waived at the thesis advisor’s discretion. This option requires 20 credit hours of a combination of any of the core and technical electives courses plus a ten-credit-hour thesis for a total of 30 credit hours. The student, in consultation with his or her thesis advisor, proposes a thesis topic by submitting the “Petition for a Master’s Thesis” form that describes the research topic in detail and presents the research plan. The thesis proposal must be successfully presented to the student’s thesis committee before the master’s thesis credits are elected. Once the thesis is accepted, the student can take any combination of EEE 6911, EEE 6912, and EEE 6913, to add up to the ten thesis credits. Once the thesis is completed, the student must successfully defend it before his or her thesis committee.

TOTAL SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS: 32 (option I) or 30 (option II)

Core Courses

Course Name Course # Credits
Engineering Analysis EEE 5114 4
Digital Signal Processing EEE 5654 4
Digital Communications EEE 5444 4
Digital Control Systems EEE 5534 4

Technical Electives

The following Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) degree electives may be used as technical electives with the advisor’s approval. (The prerequisites for these courses are listed in their course descriptions.)

For details on LTU's MSECE curriculum and other MSECE-related information, click the button below to download the MSECE student handbook.

MSECE Student Handbook [PDF]

Supporting files for download

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