Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computer engineers play an integral role in the design and maintenance of large systems that require sophisticated control, including aircraft, automobiles, medical instrumentation, telecommunication systems, and factory automation.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program at Lawrence Technological University combines the best of electrical engineering and computer science. You will learn the fundamentals of circuits, systems, and software associated with the design of programmable systems used for general purpose computing, communications, control, or signal processing.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program at Lawrence Tech combines academic excellence with a wealth of practical experience. Co-op programs and industry-sponsored projects offer valuable contacts with leading companies and enable you to combine paid on-the-job experience with your studies. You can also participate in the Lear Entrepreneurial Program, which focuses on what it takes to create, promote, and market products and services. Another great opportunity is the Global Engineering program, which arranges for you to work and study abroad – an especially valuable experience in preparing you to compete in a global economy.

The small classes at Lawrence Tech allow you to actually get to know your professors. The depth and breadth of their experience was really surprising and beneficial.” Sarah Witting, BSCE’06, MSECE’07, Engineer, Nissan Technical Center

comp engineering



First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 1001 University Seminar 1
COM 1103 English Composition 3
SSC 2303 Principles of Economics 3
MCS 1414 Calculus 1 4
CHM 1213 University Chemistry 1 3
CHM 1221 University Chemistry 1 Lab 1
EGE 1001 Fund. of Engr. Design Projects 1
   TOTAL 16

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT 1213 World Masterpieces 3
COM 2103 Tech. and Prof. Communication 3
MCS 1424 Calculus 2 4
MCS 1514 Computer Science 1 4
EGE 1102 Engr. Computer Applications Lab 2
EEE 1001 Intro. to ECE 1
   TOTAL 17

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT 1223 World Masterpieces 2 3
MCS 2414 Calculus 3 4
SSC 2413 Foundations of American Exp. 3
PHY 2413 University Physics 1 3
PHY 2421 University Physics 1 Lab
MCS 2514 Computer Science 2 4
LDR 2001 Leadership Models and Practices 1
   TOTAL 19

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 2423 Differential Equations 3
MCS 2523 Discrete Mathematics 3
PHY 2423 University Physics 2 3
PHY 2431 University Physics 2 Lab 1
EEE 2114 Circuits 4
EEE 2111 Circuits Lab 1
EGE 3012 Engineering Cost Analysis 2
   TOTAL 17

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 2534 Data Structures 4
MCS 3403 Probability and Statistics 3
SSC 2423 Development of the American Exp. 3
EEE 3124 Signals and Systems 4
EEE 2214 Digital Electronics and Lab 4
COM 3000 Writing Proficiency Exam 0
LDR 3000 Leadership Seminar 0
   TOTAL 18

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
EEE 4623 Software Engineering 3
EEE 3233 Microprocessors 3
EEE 3231 Microprocessors Lab 1
EEE 3314 Electronics 4
EEE 3311 Electronics Lab 1
EEE 3223 Advanced Digital Electronics 3
EEE 3221 Advanced Digital Electronics Lab 1
EGE 2231 Project Management 1
   TOTAL 17

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
EEE 4243 Embedded Systems 3
EEE 4514 Control Systems and Lab 4
EGE 3361 Business Plans 1
EEE 3011 Intro to ECE Projects 1
EEE 4831 Computer Engr. Projects 1 1
EEE 4253 Computer Architecture 1 3
LDR 4000 Leadership Capstone 0
   TOTAL 13

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
EEE 4XX3* EE Technical Elective* 3
EEE 4XX1 EE Lab 1
EEE 4842 Computer Engr. Projects 2 2
MCS XXX3* Comp. Science Technical Elective** 3
EEE 4273 Real Time Systems 3
Junior/Senior Elective 3
   TOTAL 15

*A list of electrical and computer engineering technical electives is available from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, room E217.
**all 4000 or 5000 level MCS lecture courses are permitted. Please visit the course catalog to review course-specific prerequisite requirements or consult with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Dual Majors will be permitted a number of substitutions as approved by the Department Chair consistent with accreditation requirements.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisors
All students should have an advisor-approved Plan of Work. Students should contact the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, room E217, for their assigned faculty advisor.

Internships + Co-Ops

True to Lawrence Tech’s unique blend of theory and practice, Computer Engineering students are encouraged to take part in internships or cooperative education (co-op). This opportunity provides hands-on, practical engineering experience that is a distinct advantage when approaching future employers.

Check out some of our students had to say about their experiences with Internships and Co-Ops.

The Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

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