Location: E108 (Engineering Building)

Contact: TBD

Bioinstrumentation and Physiology Laboratory

Mission Statement: The Bioinstrumentation and Physiology Laboratory is primarily a teaching laboratory. Currently it is used for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory (BME 2201) and Bioinstrumentation Laboratory (BME 3101). Its purpose is to teach students: (1) how to interpret measurements from a living system, (2) how to use instrumentation specific to biomedical purposes, (3) principles of biomedical instrumentation and basic instrumentation blocks. The secondary purpose of the laboratory is to provide computational resources to biomedical engineering projects.


  • Eight desktop stations equipped with Biopac and Biopac Pro Data Acquisition Systems
  • Transducers, breadboards, disposables for the Biomedical Engineering System, Biomedical Engineering Pack, BME Signal Processing, Biomechanics, Psychophysiology, Gas Analysis (please follow links for full description from vendor)
    • measurements of cardiovascular system, nervous system and respiratory system variables
    • biomedical signal processing and building of basic instrumentation blocks
  • Two of the desktop stations are also equipped with a Matlab research license. The following toolkits are included
    • Image Processing
    • Signal Processing
    • Statistics
    • Matlab Compiler (one Linux platform and one Windows platform)
    • Java Builder (one Linux platform and one Windows platform)
  • Sink
  • Projector