Electrical + Computer Engineering Advisory Board

The LTU Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Advisory Board consists of corporate leaders who help assure that our programs continue to meet the rapidly expanding requirements of the engineering world. The Board meets semi-anually with the department faculty and administration, and directly assists in evaluating the quality of student capstone design projects. Current members are listed below.


Dr. Mahdi Ali
Connected Car, Network/Server Manager
Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc.
Raymond S. Alvey, BSEE’85
Engineering Group Leader
Semiconductor Process, Enterprise, Execution & Development (SPEED)
GM – Milford Proving Grounds
Fabio Caversan
Digital Business & Innovation VP
Neil Fraylick, BSCE’22, BSEE’22
Electronics and Controls Engineer
Williams International
Florian Frischmuth
Chief Engineer, Central Software/E/E Sys Engr
Ford Motor Company
Dr. M. Abul Masrur
Research Electrical Engineer
Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility (GVPM) Technology
Timothy Mulcahy, BSEE’78
Engineering Manager Michigan Region
McNaughton-McKay Electric Company
Jeremy Mommerency, BSEE’06
Engineering and Technical Manager
ENRX Corporation
Michael Oszust BSEE’88
Engineering Manager – Core Camera
ZF Active Safety & Electronics US LLC
Steven Stout, PE BSEE’92
Director of Asset Management
ITC Holdings Corp. 
Sanjay Singh
Chief Executive Officer
New Eagle Store

Honorary Members

Haley Newton, PE BSEE’12
Engineering Manager-Senior Engineer
Detroit Branch
SEL Engineering Services, Inc.
Michael Crimando BSCE’14 
AppLink Design Engineer
SYN 3 Applink Team
Ford Motor Company
Andrew Brockman BSEE’10, BSCE’10
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Casco Automotive an Amphenol Company