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Experience Modification Rate as a Pre Qualification Criterion for Safety Performance: Shortcomings and Solutions – 2019

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is commonly used as a prequalification criterion to assess the capabilities of bidders to perform work safely. The use of EMR as a safety pre-qualifier has substantially increased in recent years. This use raises a lot of questions since EMR has been designed as a tool for the insurance carriers to recoup costs on future premiums, not as a safety management tool. This research explored the factors that contribute to the EMR to evaluate its reliability and validity as a pre-qualifier. 
A survey was designed and administrated by Dr. Al-Bayati and the North Carolina Department of Labor.Over138 firms that renewed their workers’ compensation policies with an EMR of 1.5 or higher were completed the survey. The study findings highlighted a lot of gray areas, which will help firms and safety personnel better utilizing EMR as a safety pre-qualifier. Overall, the study successfully bridges the gap of knowledge regarding the safety and non-safety factors that contribute to the EMR value.

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