Who are We?

The construction industry struggles with safety performance; as a result, many people are killed or seriously injured. The CSRC has a process that helps industry leaders contribute to better safety performance so they can transfer their knowledge and extensive experience into products that save lives and improve overall industry performance.

Why the CSRC?

Every year, far too many men and women working in the construction industry are either killed or seriously injured as a result of on-the-job accidents.

  • The U.S. construction industry has maintained a share of fatalities (~20%) that is greater than its representation within the overall workforce (~4.3%); in 2020, the construction industry’s share of fatalities was 21.1% (i.e., 1,008 fatalities), whereas its representation within the overall workforce was 4.5%.
  • Because of these tragic events, the lives of countless family members have been changed forever.
  • The CSRC has been established to aid national efforts to reduce the high rates of fatal and non-fatal injury within the construction industry through a membership driven collaboration of companies, municipalities, associations, and agencies.

What is the Goal?

Our goal is to reduce accidents and return construction workers safely back home to their families and friends by:

  • Conducting groundbreaking interdisciplinary safety research based on scientific methods.
  • Transforming research findings and recommendations into adoptable best practices.
  • Converting safety best-practices into effective training programs.


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