Who are We?

We are a membership driven collaboration of companies, municipalities, associations, and agencies that reduces work-related fatalities and injuries by providing construction firms with innovative safety practices derived from ground-breaking research.

Why the CSRC?

Every year, far too many men and women working in the construction industry are either killed or seriously injured as a result of on the job accidents.

The U.S. construction industry…

  • Has the nation’s highest share of fatalities at 20% while accounting for only 5% of the workforce. 
  • Recorded 1,061 fatalities and over 200,000 injuries in 2019 alone.
  • Has a damaged reputation due to construction firms encountering accidents on their premises.

What is the Goal?

Our goal is to reduce accidents and return construction workers safely back home to their families and friends by:

  • Conducting groundbreaking interdisciplinary safety research based on scientific methods.
  • Transforming research findings and recommendations into adoptable best practices.
  • Converting safety best-practices into effective training programs.


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