Welcome from Elin Jensen, Ph.D.,
Chair, Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering

Elin Jensen

 As our nation’s infrastructure continues to age and deteriorate, and our environment becomes more vulnerable, civil engineers are in demand and need to be trained to use innovative and sustainable methods to repair and replace the infrastructure and to preserve our environment for future generations. Future civil engineers must be educated and trained to combine a strong technical background in math, science and sustainable engineering coupled with excellent communication skills to educate and interact with decision makers, the construction industry, the general public and the global market.

Why Civil Engineering at Lawrence Tech?

Let me welcome you to a civil engineering program ranked fifth nationally among universities offering bachelor's and master's degrees according to the annual U.S. News & World Report survey of best colleges for 2016. In addition to this honor, it is also the only civil engineering program in the State of Michigan and one of a few in the United States that has ABET accredited curriculum base on the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition (BOK2). ASCE BOK2 is the adoption and implementation of ASCE Vision 2025 Roadmap.

The department houses the best teaching and research laboratories in Southeast Michigan with facilities such as the Center of Innovative Materials Research (CIMR), Structural Test Lab Center (STLC), Lighting-Electrical and Daylighting Lab, the Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute (GLSMI), Hydraulics/Hydrology Lab, Environmental Lab, Civil Engineering Computer Lab, Geotechnical and Materials Lab.

The civil engineering program at Lawrence Tech is committed to providing its students with the highest quality education by offering a civil engineering program based on BOK2 designed to embrace the civil engineering tradition as one of the broadest and most diverse engineering disciplines. In doing so the program also strives to meet Lawrence Technological University’s guiding principle of “Leadership Through Theory and Practice” and ASCE Vision 2025.

In addition to the engineering fields of construction, environmental, geotechnical, hydraulics, hydrology, structural, transportation surveying and land measurement, the civil engineering program at Lawrence Tech also emphasizes sustainable design, green engineering, infrastructure management and leadership training. One of the key strength of our program is the small class size taught by active and engaged faculty, not teaching assistants. Another uniqueness of our program is the inclusion of practicing engineers from the local engineering firms as industrial mentors for the senior project teams. This has been implemented with student teams meeting industrial mentors at the start of their project to identify project’s feasibility and scope. These industry mentors are also potential future employers for our graduates when they return to evaluate their final senior project deliverables.

The engineering degrees options available include a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; a Dual Civil and Architecture Engineering; a Dual Civil and Mechanical Engineering; a Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Construction Engineering Management. Students also have the unique option to get a certificate in Entrepreneurship in addition to their engineering degree. This is designed to meet industry’s need for engineers who not only possess the technical skills of an engineering degree, but who also have a background in business practices.

Where do our graduates work and what companies hire them?

You have many paths to consider when choosing civil engineering as a career. You can consider structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, construction, transportation, or surveying. A very useful resource to learn more about careers in civil engineering is Sloan Career Cornerstone (http://www.careercornerstone.org/). Civil Engineering at Lawrence Tech has a strong reputation for producing graduates that are competitive and stand out amongst the crowd and employers prefer to hire our graduates.

Our civil engineering graduates work for a variety of different companies. We've had great opportunities with civil engineering students working as co-ops or interns and able to continue with the same employer or become employable for other companies. A sample of places where many of our students work is DTE Energy, Bechtel, Kiewit, Walbridge, and SSOE, Inc., Barton Malow; Hubbell Roth and Clark; NTH; Skanska; SME, OHM, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), TARDEC, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others.

Please navigate our department’s web site to learn more about the exciting and dynamic student activities such as the concrete canoe and current state of the art faculty research in partnership with local industries. If you have any questions or wish to have a personalized tour of our facility, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 248.204.2545 or by e-mail at ejensen@ltu.edu

Welcome from Keith Kowalkowski, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.,
Assistant Chair, Civil & Architectural Engineering

Through a carefully designed curriculum and emphasis on building systems integration, high performance buildings and integrated project design, students realize their full potential in shaping a sustainable ecology for the built environment.

Keith-Kowalkowski-profileWelcome to the home of the Architectural Engineering program at Lawrence Technological University! I encourage you to investigate this home page, filled with important information, links and pictures. The Architectural Engineering program at Lawrence Tech is unique and our students are outstanding. The first of its kind in Michigan, our program is a five year combined bachelors and masters program. Through a carefully designed curriculum and emphasis on building systems integration, high performance buildings and integrated project design, students realize their full potential in shaping a sustainable ecology for the built environment.

Student life
at Lawrence Tech is engaging, enriching and will enhance your college experience. Apartment style dormitories, intercollegiate athletics, and over 80 student organizations and Greek life provide a well rounded experience for our traditional students. Through these ‘outside the classroom’ experiences, students are able make life-long friends, network with future employers, and exercise their leadership and stewardship skills. From the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) to Soccer, from on-campus tutoring jobs to mentoring middle-school students in imagining their “Future City”, we have something for everyone! Did I mention parking is free and abundant?

Our renowned faculty are committed to providing a challenging and rewarding experience for students through rigorous, stimulating and engaging teaching and learning methodologies. Most of our faculty within the College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of Architecture & Design (CoAD) are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally in their fields. Nearly all have industry experience and are able to readily connect theory to practice. This balance of educational enrichment, coupled with “real-world” experience helps to connect our students with internships, jobs and industry sponsored research projects.

A pre-eminent program, our program strives to achieve distinction in the areas of integrated building design, engineering and theory. Developed to meet the demands for highly qualified graduates who are driven by their core interests in sustainability, energy efficiency and integrated building design, our students benefit from small classes taught by an active, engaged faculty - not teaching assistants. Through a balance of depth and breadth coursework, active, collaborative learning and opportunities to engage in applied research, students emerge as well-rounded professionals who aspire to lead and innovate a more sustainable environment.

Employers actively seek out our graduates. In fact, many students find internship opportunities at the conclusion of their second year of study and have opportunities to work on projects in collaboration with and to benefit the university, industry or community. In terms of "return-on-investment for undergraduate tuition", Lawrence Technological University proudly leads all other colleges in metro Detroit, and is among the top 30 percent nationally! What does this mean for you? As a graduate from Lawrence Tech, you will be positioned to seek out your chosen area of practice and will have the tools to engage in life-long learning.

Leadership, entrepreneurship, stewardship and friendship are at the heart of the Lawrence Tech experience. Our students engage in a leadership and entrepreneurial curriculum, while giving back to the University and their community through several service projects, organization and attendance at conferences and by holding officer positions in the many professional organizations on campus. It is though experiences such as these, that they build their network of colleagues and friends. Our mission at the College of Engineering is "... to prepare our students to be outstanding professionals characterized by integrity, social responsibility, and a global perspective". Founded in 1932, our University has been home to full-time, day students with flexibility and evening classes for part-time students who may be working full time within in their professions.

Enjoy your journey in discovering Lawrence Technological University and our Architectural Engineering program web site. As you read on, you might find yourself saying, “Yes! They have exactly what I’ve been searching for!"

If you have any questions or wish to have a personalized tour of our facility, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 248.204.2583 or by e-mail at kkowalkow@ltu.edu.

  “When we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us …” John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)