Project Proposal

To follow the rules for the 2009 competition, the Lawrence Tech team must design, test, fabricate, and construct a 1 : 10 scale model steel bridge. The bridge must be 2.5 tall and 20 feet long; unlike recent bridges, the 2009 bridge will have to have all support chords below the decking structure. During competition, models will be erected under simulated field conditions, and then the bridge will be load tested. The winning bridge will be the bridge that can be built the fastest, weighs the least, and also can hold the required load with minimal deflection.

The following are the disciplines included in the project and required tasks of each team member:

Connection/Structural Design - Nicholas Knust - Team Captain
Structural Engineering

  • Nick will be responsible for the examination and analysis of various connection designs and selecting the most efficient connections.


Construction Manager - Lauren Meganck
Construction Engineering and Management

  • Lauren will be responsible for creating and maintaining the project schedule. Also, Lauren will verify that the fund account is up to date and that the appropriate funds are present. To secure funding, various Civil Engineering companies will be contacted for sponsorship, and thank you letters will be sent to the sponsoring companies.


Material Design - Lindsay Bzymek
Structural Engineering

  • Lindsay will research various steel geometrics and will determine the optimal steel types, shapes, and sizes for the project.

Member/Structural Design - Greg Jackman
Structural Engineering

  • Greg will be responsible for the examination and analysis of various member designs and will also select the optimal configuration.