ONTONAGON — Last night marked a hopeful beginning.

The Sustainable Future Project Team is now working with the Ontonagon Village to guide them down the right path.

"Creating places that people want to live in and work and recreate," said project leader, Don Carpenter. "The economic sustainability is job creation and having a good economic well-being."

The Small Harbor Sustainability Project focuses on enhancing the village's boat marina, which organizers say will boost the village's economy.

"One of the things that's great about Ontonagon is they have this wonderful asset which is their harbor and their marina and their Lake Superior frontage," said Carpenter.

In last night's public input workshop, community members formulated ideas that could attract tourist to the boat marina.

"Hotels," said village council president, Kenny Waldrop. "We want a boat tour from Ontonagon that wraps around, goes all the way to Silver City and link up and go take a tour of the Porcupine Mountains. The ideas are endless."

"There's varied opinions and we have to all work together to come up with a single message to move forward," said community member, Dan Sullivan.

The project team will take all ideas and formulate three alternative plans.

Although the village is recovering from an economic down turn, community members say they're not giving up.

"We're here developing, we're moving forward. We're always thinking forward," said Waldrop.

The public will meet again Friday at 6 p.m. in the village office to choose the best plan for the project.