Structural Testing Lab

The Structural Testing Center (STC) houses two large scale structural testing frames capable of static and dynamic loading capacities up to 200,000 pounds. The STC contains 5 loading actuators for static and repeated loading tests of varying capacities, three state-of-art-data acquisition systems and several PC's loaded with TCS® software. Two hydraulic pumps with a capacity of GGPM and 35 GPM powers the actuators. Measurements of loads, deflections, accelerations, and strains can be taken electronically. Electrical and other types of strain gages are available to characterize compressive, tensile, and shear strains within the structural members. The STC has in-house construction capabilities for manufacturing of various configurations of structural concrete elements and pretensioned and post-tensioned concrete components. Adjustable formworks are used to construct various shapes of concrete beams. An adjustable reaction bulkhead system for prestressing is also available.