millennialsFor the subset, researchers took its annual overall list and identified the jobs that met two criteria: first, millennials constituted the majority of the labor force (and that number had not fallen in the past five years); and second, millennials had the largest share increase of all worker ages.

They defined the generation as those born between 1981 and 2000. That population now makes up the largest share of the workforce at 56.3 million people, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Researchers found that many of the positions in the subset were newly created in the past half-decade.

Eight of the 10 jobs are STEM-focused, but liberal arts graduates can find their niche as social media managers or advertising account executives.

While CareerCast did not rank the jobs, Forbes' Susan Adams listed them in order of median annual salary.


data scientistData Scientist
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 15%

Data scientist is a career still in its infancy, but the value of knowledgeable professionals in this field is evident in some of the most competitive wages seen in our Jobs Rated report. Because data scientist is a young field, it's an attractive option for young professionals.
Advertising Account Executive Advertising Account Executive
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook by 2022: 12% reports since 2010, advertising industry hiring of Millennials is up 8%, and Millennials comprise 44% of the entire industry. Millennials are in high demand as advertising account agents because of the firsthand insight into generational trends they can provide.
Software EngineerSoftware Engineer
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 22%
Software engineers remain some of the most in-demand technology professionals. Lee Caraher tells that Millennial software engineers in Silicon Valley have their pick of jobs, making for a very favorable hiring market.
Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 36%
Demand for new physical therapists is high in part because of Baby Boomers requiring support as they age.
Computer Systems AnalystComputer Systems Analyst
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 25%
The tech-savvy of the Millennial generation can benefit companies implementing computer systems analysis as a foundation for their organizations.
Civil EngineerCivil Engineer
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 20%
Growing emphasis and spending on infrastructure projects in the coming years makes civil engineering one of the most promising career options for young professionals.
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 22%
The burgeoning opportunities for statisticians are just beginning to take off in any number of industries. Young statisticians' skills are in demand, making this one of the top fields for Millennials.
Financial PlannerFinancial Planner
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 27%
U.S. News reports that the Millennial generation seeks a different kind of relationship with financial planners, so the importance of those in the field to understand the Millennial mindset is paramount. The changing landscape of the field and the high-growth outlook point to booming opportunities for young professionals.
Market Research AnalystMarket Research Analyst
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 32%
The high projected growth rate for market research analysts points to an influx of young talent in a field that is just beginning to take off.
Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager
Annual Median Salary:
Projected Hiring Outlook : 13%
The Millennial generation is especially in tune with the nuances of social media, thus organizations looking to increase their interactivity with consumers are wise to hire Millennials to operate their social media channels.