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Industry-Sponsored Projects

Perhaps you have a great idea, but your company doesn’t have the team to explore it. Maybe it’s an important project that has been delayed, or a product or process that requires refinement. In today’s global economy where business and industry continue to downsize and resources are scarce, how do you remain competitive while maintaining your bottom line?

Lawrence Technological University’s Industry-Sponsored Projects program offers your company an innovative solution – a high-quality, cost-effective way to conduct research or develop new products to extend your company’s reach, while tapping into the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of top-notch engineering faculty and students. You’ll also gain access to the University’s high-tech testing and diagnostic facilities.


Lawrence Tech – Working for You

• Lawrence Tech faculty supervise the students
• The team provides status reports, three formal oral presentations, and a final report documenting all results
• All work preserves and respects your confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property rights
• Upon the conclusion of your sponsored project, you receive a creative and industry-friendly solution to your design challenge

Getting Started

Beginning an Industry-Sponsored Project with Lawrence Tech involves these steps:
• Identify a design project that requires conceptualization, engineering computations, a final design, prototyping, and testing that is suitable for a semester or two of development.
  Areas of interest can include, but are not limited to:
Concrete or Asphalt Material Testing
     Stormwater Management
     Environmental Conditions Testing
     Structural Design and Testing
     Site Remediation Techniques
     Sustainable Construction Techniques
     Soil Materials Testing
• Appoint a mentor from your company to meet with the faculty and students and advise and guide them throughout the creative process
• Provide support for materials, faculty guidance, and administrative expenses

Discuss a possible project or obtain more information. Contact:

Keith Kowalkowski, PhD, PE, SE
Coordinator, Industry-Sponsored Projects
Associate Professor, Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, 248.204.2583 p, 248.204.2568 f

Edmund Yuen, PhD, PE
Chair, Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering
College of Engineering, 248.204.2545 p, 248.204.2568 f