The Institute has collaborated with numerous partners, including governmental organizations, consulting companies, and other universities to educate and promote low impact development. Lawrence Tech also participated with SEMCOG and the MDEQ in developing the State of Michigan's Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan: A Design Guide for Implementers and Reviewers.

An Educational Resource

A frequent partner with numerous municipalities, consulting companies, and other universities, Lawrence Tech's Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute has collaborated with such organizations as:

  • Alliance of Downriver Watersheds
  • American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Alliance of Rouge Communities
  • City of Southfield
  • Clinton River Watershed Council
  • Engineering Society of Detroit
  • Environmental Consulting and Technology (ECT), Inc.
  • Friends of the Rouge
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Michigan Green Industry Association
  • Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Michigan Sea Grant
  • Michigan State University
  • Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner
  • South Oakland County Municipal Engineers (SOCME) Association
  • Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
  • Southeast Oakland County Water Authority
  • Wayne County Department of the Environment
  • Wayne State University

Protecting the water quality of the Great Lakes region will not only improve the quality of life in Michigan, but also make it easier to attract and retain water-use industries as the state transitions to the blue economy.