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Master of Science Civil Engineering


Degree Options

Thesis Option Credits
Technical Electives 24 credits
Thesis 6 credits
Total Credit Hours 30 credits

Project Option Credits
Technical Electives 27 credits
Project 3 credits
Total Credit Hours 30 credits

Course Work Option Credits
Technical Electives 33 credits
Total Credit Hours 33 credits

Analytical Rating

Students must complete a breadth of courses that require analytical abilities to solve complex problems. Therefore, students must obtain a minimum of 14 analytical ranking credits (ARs). The amount of ARs are shown with the courses below.


The following are all acceptable courses within the MSCE program and a combination of these courses can be taken with all selected concentrations following the guidelines specified below. For proper selection of the eleven, nine or eight courses, please see other requirements in the Graduate Course Catalog.

General Courses

Course Name Course # Credits
Applied Geographic Information Systems ECE 5103 3 (AR = 0)
Sustainable Construction Practices ECE 5113 3 (AR = 0)
Graduate Directed Study ECE 5913 3
Special Topics in Civil Engineering ECE 5923 3
Concrete Engineering ECE 6113 3 (AR = 2)


Students within the MSCE program are required to select a concentration and complete a minimum of four graduate level courses (12 credits) in one specific subdiscipline (water resources, structural, geotechnical, environmental, and transportation)

Course Name Course # Credits
Pavement Analysis and Performance ECE 5813 3
(AR = 2)
Pavement Management Systems ECE 5823 3
(AR = 1)
Traffic Engineering ECE 5833 3
(AR = 1)
Highway Safety Engineering ECE 5843 3
(AR = 2)
Special Topics in Transportation Engineering ECE 5893
Course Name Course # Credits
River Engineering ECE 5523 3
(AR = 2)
Coastal Engineering ECE 5533 3
(AR = 2)
Design of Stormwater Management Systems ECE 5543 3
(AR = 2)
Ports and Harbors Engineering ECE 5553 3
(AR = 1)
Special Topics in Hydraulic Engineering ECE 5593 3
Groundwater Modeling ECE 6513 3
(AR = 3)

If construction engineering is selected as the concentration, requirements are more specific. This option is intended for those seeking a Thesis option only, however, a course-work only option focusing on construction engineering is available in the Master of Construction Engineering Management (MCEM) program.

Core Classes

Course Name Course # Credits
Sustainable Construction Practices ECE 5113 3
Techniques of Project Planning and Control ECE 5223 3
Construction Safety Management ECE 5263 3
Conceptual Estimating ECE 5283 3
Thesis 1 ECE 6073 3
Thesis 2 ECE 6083 3

The six courses above shall be combined with four of the following electives*. A minimum of one of the four must be taken at the 6000 level.

Technical Elective Courses

*A student may replace one elective above with a course outside of the list if approved by the program director.


Our experience with Lawrence Tech grads has been excellent. They are extremely well prepared, energetic, and professional – really top notch.

George Hubbell

Vice president, Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.

We have been uniformly thrilled with our LTU grads. Each has come prepared to work from day one, with solid technical skills and a sound academic foundation. Pragmatic, industrious, inquisitive, and confident are words that describe each of our LTU alums. Along with a few Big Ten schools, LTU is on our short list when we’re looking for new talent to grow our firm.

Bruce Burt

Vice president of engineering, Ruby and Associates

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