Accent on Advanced Materials

On the battlefield:

Innovative and advanced carbon fiber materials are being developed at CIMR that can help reduce military vehicle and body armor weight while providing greater protection and durability for our troops.

On the home front:

Lawrence Tech’s CIMR team is developing and testing materials that strengthen and prolong the life of critical facilities such as office and commercial buildings, bridges, military complexes, airports, and highways. Get the answers you need to challenging questions about:

  • Product costs
  • Strength and stiffness
  • Durability
  • Expected life
  • Design measures

Discover how CIMR can be your one-stop resource for large-scale life-cycle durability testing research, development, and commercial deployment.

Let Lawrence Tech help you understand the performance characteristics of:

  • high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber composites
  • steel, aluminum, ceramics
  • other advanced materials



Burns Avenue Bridge

The Burns Avenue Bridge is the first bridge worldwide built with 0.7 in. CFCC.

Cadillac Avenue Bridge

This is the second bridge built with 0.7 in. CFCC. The video shows beam placement on the supports.

I-75 Bridge over Sexton/Kilfoil Drain

This is the longest bridge span built with 0.6 in. CFCC. The video shows the truck load testing before it was open for traffic.